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Money is refundable but time, sadly is not – where on earth has the past twelve months disappeared to? Stu and I are settling down to resample the new collection from Gemtree, which always involves a look back at our previous communiqués and releases.  We first launched Gemtree wines back in November. To me, it certainly feels that Mike and Melissa, who are not only the proprietors of Gemtree but also the chief winemaker (Mike) and their chief viticulturalist (Melissa), have been a part of The Vinorium family for much longer. 

Many of our producers follow organic principles (biodynamic too, without being fully certified) in their vineyards. Gemtree joins Cobaw Ridge as a fully certified organic and biodynamic winery. Eastern Peake are certainly seeing the benefits of farming organically, but it’s a fine balance. The next chapter in Owen’s journey is heading towards biodynamic farming too as well as keeping the health of their soils in a circuit of regenerative transition. We have been smitten by some of the great biodynamic wines coming out of Australia…

Based in McLaren Vale, Gemtree have been a revelation and deservedly so, they also received our Dark Horse Winery award of the year. There was not a single weak wine in their range, which all impressed the heck out us. As Mike pointed out in our previous tête-à-tête about biodynamics: “it’s not just about looking after the crop you are growing, but the entire farm or land you are custodian of,” (you can read our full article here – it’s one of the best). This clearly manifests itself in their wines, as the ethereal sense of depth and balance carries through their range beautifully.

Setting aside the obvious wine quality and their strong principles for sustainability – there is another reason for such a powerful symbiosis with Gemtree and that’s simply down to Mike and Melissa themselves. To say that working alongside the couple is a joy, would be an understatement. In truth, they push themselves to produce the very best they physically can and often push beyond what is possible – they challenge the status quo and love to tinker in the winery. Of course, nature is left to her own devices. 

From a business-to-business perspective, they are a dream to work with. From the outset, Mike made it very clear that he’s only interested in a long, fruitful relationship which grows year-on-year. He promised to deliver whatever we required and by jove, he has never let us down. His communications, reports and video are created specifically for you. They quite literally jump on every polite request they receive, no matter how busy or, from time-to-time, how tired they are.

Your support for Gemtree wines has been fabulous, with a few wines quickly selling out however, we believe many of you are missing out. In particular, those customers who adore Utopos and Standish. The sheer ethereal character of each wine left us with goosebumps post our first sampling. Two months later, we resampled the collection which reconfirmed these are very special indeed.

From top to bottom, Mike, Melissa and the power of Mother Nature weaves calmness, composure and balance into every bottle of wine produced. Their Ernest Allan and Phantom wines provide profound drinking and are equal to Utopos in terms of quality and value. Stylistically, they differ and that is an important point to make – perhaps less upfront “oomph” but they do not lack concentration. We sampled the collection from Bekkers last year and believe these are comfortable equals in terms of quality, but offer much better value. 

Their Subterra (now back in stock) is a truly great Shiraz, interlacing its magic with the aid of nature and is buried under the vines to rest and harmonise before being unveiled.

To some, a gimmick, but and to those who have tasted it, they will recognise this wine is as close to perfection as one can get (given its tender age).

Their Small Batch productions are exactly that – tiny, and the allocations reflect this. The Cabernet Sauvignon is a beautiful wine, calming and cooling. There’s generosity but it’s considered. Thoughtful and reflective winemaking with the power of Mother Earth on show. For me, their Grenache stole the small batch show. In fact, this is my preferred Grenache without any doubt…

Today, we are so thrilled to introduce the new collection (with the odd, and previously sold-out favourites).

The new 2019 vintage of Ernest Allan forms part of the new collection. The previous 2018 release was the quickest seller of the entire range and left many customers who took a bottle or three to try it out, without the opportunity to purchase more. The new 2019 is simply glorious and it reinforces itself as a stunning expression of a generous, yet incredibly pure Aussie Shiraz. Not only did we double our order for the latest 2019 Ernest Allan, we have split the stock between our HQ warehouse and the bond, enabling you to purchase and store in bond. This also applies to the vastly popular 2019 Bloodstone Shiraz, as well as the highly anticipated introduction of the 2019 Obsidian Shiraz.

Obsidian is new to us as the previous vintage completely sold out in Australia which was frustrating, as this was an epic Shiraz. From a technical perspective, both Ernest Allan and Obsidian receive almost identical treatment in the winery, which confirms the desire to showcase the fruit of Gemtree’s excellent work and produce an unadulterated expression of their biodynamically grown vineyards. While both wines offer a captivating, elegant complexity and provide immediate pleasure, Obsidian portrays itself as a tad more structured which will merit mid- to long-term cellaring. Our tasting notes provide you with a detailed analysis of each wine’s distinct character.

There are two new white wines which we are particularly fond off: Their Small Batch Marsanne and April’s Dance Sparkling NV. The latter is a truly miniscule offering - only 60 bottles were shipped across which might seem contradictory to the word ‘generous’ however, it absolutely is. To put this wine in context, it’s not only made in teeny quantities but is a cellar door exclusive shared only with Gemtree’s own regulars. Mike was very kind to spare a few bottles for The Vinorium customers to complement the summer months in the northern hemisphere.

Small Batch Marsanne is one of three new wines which epitomise the creative Small Batch series. We were very excited by the prospectof sampling the Marsanne when Mike first mentioned it was bottled. We always long for more traditional white Rhône varieties to be made in Australia, as what we have tasted so far has been tremendous - Gemtree’s Marsanne included. The texture is sensational and perfectly balanced, which is rather impressive given its vibrant and generous character.

Who said biodynamic winemakers lack artistic flair - their Small Batch Grenache Project is where team Gemtree artistic juices flow. Mike decided to split the fruit into two batches and ferment one in oak barriques and the other in concrete eggs. The results are fascinating (both wines sampled magnificently this week – our detailed tasting notes can be viewed below).

Before you read-on, Mike has kindly prepared two, short videos (just for you) which provide an insight into the new collection...

Watch Mike presenting the Small Batch Collection

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Small Batch Grenache Experiment

The same Grenache fruit, farmed organically, from vines planted in 1946 but two different ageing methods: concrete egg ferment (SBE) and oak barrel ferment (SBO)… an experiment waiting to be discovered.


We asked Mike to tell us more about this
inspiring project…

MB: At Gemtree we are fuelled by the joy and curiosity of wine and are always looking to self-disrupt our own, and other’s winemaking and farming conventions. It is through this curiosity that we encourage experimentation to make better, and more interesting wines. Our Small Batch wines are handmade, free from convention and free from restraints. They are always experimental, small volumes and made from select parcels of organic and biodynamic fruit. Truth is, these are the wines Josh and I have the most fun making and the wines we end up drinking the most of at our tables!

2020 was a vintage where patience was required, the normal technical signs of harvest were not as reliable. We needed instead to trust our judgement through constantly tasting the berries in the vineyard to determine optimal flavour ripeness before harvest. Our 2020 Small Batch Grenache wines are the perfect manifestation of our Small Batch philosophy. We made two Grenache Small Batch Wines SBO (oak maturation) and SBE (concrete egg maturation). Both of these wines started their journey to the bottle in exactly the same way. The fruit was sourced from organically farmed McLaren Vale vines planted in 1946. Post pressing, the Grenache was fermented exactly the same way before being split about 50/50 for maturation. One parcel was sent to traditional oak barrels, while the other was racked into concrete eggs, where both parcels then matured in their separate vessels for a further 6 months.

True to the philosophy of our Small Batch winemaking, we had no idea what the result of the concrete egg maturation would be… Turned out, luckily for all of us, both batches were exceptional; and very different. These wines are both destined for the dining table, but perhaps for different dishes and seasons.


How would you describe the unique distinctions of each Small Batch Grenache?

MB: The SBE Grenache is a juicy wine with fresh berry flavours, it has a natural tension and brightness and exceptional depth of flavour. It is a red wine you can challenge your own conventions with. Try it slightly chilled with robust flavoured seafood dishes such as a traditional Spanish paella or a French inspired seared salmon fillet with a simple beurre blanc sauce.

The SBO Grenache is a darker and more brooding wine, still with the typical cherry flavours, but more earthy. This wine has grippier tannin with a perceptively dryer finish. It is a rich and contemplative wine. If you are cooking up a wild field mushroom risotto or oven baked pork cutlets with roasted pear and crispy sage this wine will certainly feel right at home.

Of course, we have to ask – which is your preference?

MB: Well, the honest answer is “it depends.” For me, it is about the occasion and the food on the table. To put it simply, when there is still sun in the sky and the meal and company is light and lively, it’s the SBE. When there is a chill in the air and I’m enjoying the warmth of a robust dish and conversational musings, I’ll reach for the SBO.

For your own joy and curiosity, open a bottle of each and enjoy comparing the differences and similarities of these two fine McLaren Vale Grenaches.


Small Batch Concrete Egg Ferment
(SBE) Grenache 2020

Mike Brown  “This rare Grenache has a lovely hint of citrus peel. Deep, rich and textural, 2020 concrete egg Grenache presents the complete package. Where Oak Grenache is upfront and bold, Egg Grenache shows restraint yet depth, with a textural weight that defines its identity.”

Sampled 22 July 2021. Stuart McCloskey “I have always enjoyed wines which have been fermented and aged in concrete – there’s a cooling and calming transference of energy which changes with the external atmosphere. The purity of fruit is more expressive without the loss of texture – unadulterated and there’s nowhere to hide. We served the wine directly from the bottle which has been resting in our temperature-controlled sample room – it’s cool and around 14 degrees which brings out the purity of the fruit. I do not recommend serving this warm (sounds dreadful). The bouquet opens with a strong sense of sweet, spiced aromatics intermixed with peony, liquorice, orange peel and candied lavender / violet pastille – Burgundy meets Grenache… Wonderfully fragrant. The palate is super-clean, fresh and packed with ripe red-blue-berry fruits dusted with sweet spices. Blood orange and a ripe citrus peel is a masterful touch.. The tannins grip gently and provide, along with a judicious line of acidity, a juiciness – thirst quenching. I love the natural polish, the floral character and spicy finish. The clarity is electrifying. Shaped by nature and bottled by people who understand and live amongst the same. Terrific wine. Brilliant, in fact. Drink now but it will age for years to come – I prefer the youthful exuberance. Served using Zalto Bordeaux glassware.”

£30.50 per bottle
or £139.10 per case of 6 In Bond


Small Batch Oak Barrel Ferment
(SBO) Grenache 2020

Mike Brown “Only 1098 bottles were made of 2020 SBO Grenache (oak barrel ferment) with fruit sourced from organically grown Grenache vines planted in 1946. This rare Grenache has a beautiful perfume lift, it’s all about red fruits. Berries and cherries with a hint of five spice and clove. Deliciously earthy and harmonious with soft plush fruit that entwines the purity of Grenache.”

Sampled 22 July 2021. Stuart McCloskey “The same tasting conditions apply (as the Gemtree Grenache ‘Egg’) which provides clear definition between the two wines (if such a thing exists?). The bouquet provides many of the same characters - Sweet, spiced aromatics intermixed with peony, liquorice, orange peel and candied lavender / violet pastille however, this one has been turned-up a notch or two. More sweetness and concentration. The palate has received the same ‘dial-up’ as the fruit is sweeter and concentrated. I do like this (very much) – this is super sexy. The blood orange sorbet-like freshness is a dream. Ripe cherry, pomegranate and flowers galore – candied rose if such a thing should exist? Try it and you will understand my reference. The tannins are equally dreamy – woven with silk. Vibrant and alive. Truly brilliant. Drink now but will age for years to come – Again, I prefer the youthful exuberance. Served using Zalto Bordeaux glassware.”

£30.50 per bottle
or £139.10 per case of 6 In Bond


Shop the Small Batch Grenache Duo

Try one of each in this 2-bottle pack


Also in the creative
Small Batch Collection


Small Batch Marsanne 2020​

Mike Brown  “We only made 1,500 bottles of the Small Batch Marsanne. The wine is deeply coloured and rich with aromas and flavours of lemon, white flesh peach, creamy oak and cloves alongside the signature honeysuckle character. Oak fermented by wild yeast; the wine had the yeast lees stirred in the older oak barrels daily for three months to build texture. The wine has generous flavours with a clean and fresh finish.”

Sampled 22 July 2021. Stuart McCloskey “To one of my favourite varietals, Marsanne which I love in most guises. The bouquet develops with some aeration with mineral accented orchard fruit, poached pear, a little zip and lift from lemon, the faintest suggestion of fennel seed / anise and a resonating finish of minerals. Suave, calming, gentile, thoughtful and reflective best describes the wine’s presence.  The mineral and floral notes repeat across the palate – wonderful definition and impressively focused. So natural and unforced – a real charmer. The textural element is incredibly soothing – back to that gossamer sheen of silk which gently drapes across the entire palate. Dreamy in an understated sense and one of those wines which deserves time to itself. The combination of depth and finesse is admirable. Drink now to? That’s a good question and one I am unsure of. This wine will age with the most graceful of arcs however, I am not sure at what point it will hit its peak. Perhaps 2025 / 2026. Let’s see… Do not overchill. Serve using Zalto universal glassware.”

Sampled 22 July 2021. Magdalena Sienkiewicz "The Small Batch Marsanne keeps getting better with every bottle, this one being the third. Vibrant aromas of pears and juicy red apples whet the appetite. The perfume is completed with an elegant whiff of spice and delicate florals. Leave the glass for 10-20 minutes and you will notice the aromas expanding and revealing more spice. The texture is bliss, as there is an undeniable depth delivered in a wonderfully serene and balanced stream.  More like a tide you want to be swept away with. This is super smart, sophisticated and quite simply superb."

£25.95 per bottle
or £116.35 per case of 6 In Bond


Unveiling Gemtree’s charming sparkling wine


April's Dance Sparkling NV

April’s Dance is named after the youngest member of the Brown family (daughter of Melissa and Mike). Just like its namesake, April’s Dance is lively, joyful and full of fun. It dances and twirls in your glass and on your palate. A blend of Chardonnay and Savagnin, the fruit is always the first to be hand-picked, ensuring we retain that delicious zing. This sparkling is made in the traditional method, fermented in the bottle and left to rest a few months on lees, before being disgorged and recapped. The result is a sparkling wine that carries the freshness and youthfulness of the early-picked fruit through to the glass. April’s Dance is completely hand-made, hand-labelled (with love) and only a limited number of bottles are produced each vintage.

Mike Brown “The crisp nashi pear, apple and fresh citrus aromas are the first to engulf your senses. This is a vivacious wine that was plucked at the perfect instant of ripeness, the crunchy nashi pear, lemon and apple fruit of McLaren Vale Savagnin and Chardonnay make for a refreshing and compelling sparkling with bright acidity, creamy bead and well-toned dosage.”

Sampled 22 July 2021. Stuart McCloskey “Team Gemtree have nailed the description for the bouquet - Nashi pear, apple and fresh citrus aromas unfurl with such grace and poise. I also detect delicate floral notes that linger. Composed from Savagnin and Chardonnay and plucked at the perfect instant of ripeness (I stole this from Mike’s description!). The wine shows outstanding clarity – I enjoy the mineral-tinged character. The palate follows a similar vein with gentle citrus and orchard fruit characters (the faintest appearance of honeysuckle) unfolding at a gentle pace. The fruit is underpinned by chalky minerals, which give the wine an impression of smoothness / chalky creaminess if that makes sense. Spritz and vitality is evident, but I am left with a sense of calmness rather than verve. I especially like the way the wine evolves in the glass. Lovely clarity and balance - I can see myself enjoying the entire bottle in the garden along with a dozen Scottish langoustines. Drink now to 2023. Served using Zalto Universal glassware.”

Sampled 22 July 2021. Magdalena Sienkiewicz "What a delight. Orchard fruits with gentle citrus and mineral undertones. The delightful dose of ripeness and refreshing minerality achieves a lovely balance, which in turn gives us a truly enjoyable glass of deliciousness. The finish turns delicate and refined, with lovely floral notes that linger on the close. Well-concentrated yet energetic, finishing very long and taut with firm cut and a resonating mineral note. Perfect as a refreshing aperitif particularly during the warm summer days."

£28.95 per bottle


Mike talks us through the Biodynamic Icons

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Introducing, for the very first time in the UK


The Obsidian Shiraz 2019

This Shiraz is hand crafted, shows the typicity of our great quality vineyards and is nurtured so the purity of the fruit prevails, resulting in a truly remarkable and polished wine. Our oak regime was judicious to showcase Gemtree’s provenance and the outcome is an elegant and pure Shiraz. The Obsidian is a luxurious wine impeccably integrated and balanced that will reward you with mid – long term cellaring.

All fruit is hand harvested then destemmed. The whole berries are fermented on skins for seven days, undergoing gentle cap management to extract pure fruit characters and tannins. Post fermentation, the skins are hand dug out of the fermenter and the free run and pressings wines are separated before going straight to oak (15 months in French oak 225L barriques, 90% new) for maturation where they are racked and returned only once. After maturation, the individual barrels are tasted before blending to select only those that truly demonstrate style and quality. No fining, but a gentle filtration was applied.

Mike Brown: “The 2019 Obsidian Shiraz is a deeply concentrated wine expressing dark chocolate and boysenberry flavours with intriguing hints of French oak. This is a Shiraz of varietal purity and expression. The palate is powerful and long with an elegant finish. Dark fruit flavours, which are mouth filling and generous, combine with a tight framework to keep the wine focused. The Obsidian is best decanted before serving to fully enjoy its balanced complexities. The Obsidian is a memorable, concentrated and generous wine.”

Sampled July 2021. Stuart McCloskey “Pull up a chair as this is going to be a long one! What an incredible bouquet, exquisite in fact. Occasionally, you get the opportunity to sit down with a wine which provides a story – similar to a novel that you can’t put down. You race through the chapters as you wish to reach the climax, and when you do, you are saddened by having rushed the experience. Here is no different, but I would suggest spending the entire afternoon and evening with this one. The bouquet is utterly thrilling and lucid – the fruit is deep, sweet and contrasts between mulberry and damson, leading to blueberry compote and then moving to red varietals. Sweet spices exude with cinnamon and anise. The floral lift from lavender and violets is beautiful and the white pepper seasons the bouquet perfectly. Even at this tender age, the palate is a textural dream, there’s grip from the tannin and bountiful amounts of acidity – plushness too. Very Margaret River in this aspect. It’s incredibly succulent with a fresh cool feel to the fruit, the brightness is mouth-watering from start to finish. This is ultra-pure, vibrant, perfectly poised and full of detail, almost classic-like, but the depth and intensity of the fruit removes that label. Mulberry, boysenberry and ripe raspberry flow along with a cooling mineral feel. The tussle between power and finesse is a gentle one but fascinating nonetheless – incredibly skilful winemaking and viticulture. Without being too obvious, the biodynamic influence is centre stage and shows the world how amazing natural wines can be. As I stated at the beginning, get comfortable, decant for a few hours, drink this on the ‘cooler’ side of room temperature and bask in a beautiful wine. Profoundly beautiful and a story in its own right… Drink now to 2035. Served using Zalto Bordeaux glassware.”

Sampled July 2021. Magdalena Sienkiewicz "Sampled following 2 hours of decanting. Beautifully complex aromas with visibly more coolness and mineral richness when comparing directly to its ‘little’ brother, Ernest Allan Shiraz. The purity of fruit, ranging from blue to red and black, is spellbinding while the cool iron and wafts of graphite clearly lead the way. The palate follows suit with great focus and precision. Not a hair out of place. Superb balance and composure given the depth. Bracing acidity adds to the flawless structure and will allow the Obsidian to evolve gracefully over many years to come."

£42.50 per bottle
or £199.10 per case of 6 In Bond


The hotly anticipated new vintage release


Ernest Allan Shiraz 2019

The previous 2018 sold out completely in 8 weeks

Ernest Allan Rivers was a market gardener and vigneron; he was also the grandfather of Melissa Brown, Gemtree’s proprietor and biodynamic viticulturist. Ernest Allan Shiraz is a wine that celebrates and validates the relationship between the earth and the vine. The fruit for Ernest Allan is derived from five iconic soils of The McLaren Vale region: clay, loam, sand, limestone and ironstone. These soils produce stellar quality grapes with great consistency year on year.

In terms of vinification, it follows the same process as The Obsidian. The only distinction is in the oak maturation, where a higher proportion of old/second use oak is used (50%). Nevertheless, Ernest Allan Shiraz spends 15 months in French oak (225L barriques) in total. No fining, but a gentle filtration was applied.

Mike Brown “The 2019 Ernest Allan Shiraz is a wine of exquisite, complex and intense aromatics, with blackberry, cinnamon, cherry liqueur and creamy oak nuances. Mulberry and red berry fruits overlay a rich and deeply textured full-bodied palate displaying harmonious balance.”

Sampled July 2021. Stuart McCloskey "This has been opened for 48 hours (although not decanted) and sampled after the Obsidian. The bouquet pulls you in as the fruit is incredibly deep and brooding – extraordinary concentration. In short, the palate is broad and loaded with ripe, black fruits – the tannins are suede like. The overall feel is impeccable and moreish and a very different animal compared to the Obsidian. In long, this straddles potency and finesse, with a masterful touch – quite a skill. There’s a date-like richness with minerality and florality, providing lift. This flows with charisma and ribbons of silk, those seeking textural paradise need to look no further.  I will add a caveat – the tannins do provide a framework which keep building, but I believe this is very much needed to balance the plushness. Yet again, this is driven by purity and nothing dominates. There’s a stony minerality which is fascinating and works a treat alongside the dark, inky fruit. A magnificent wine and one which will keep delivering for a decade or more… Served using Zalto Bordeaux glassware."

Sampled July 2021. Magdalena Sienkiewicz "Sampled over 2 days. The perfume evolved from incredibly plush, red berry fruited scents on the first day to a whole medley of blackberries, redcurrants and cherry liqueur the following day. Pen ink, graphite and a healthy dusting of spice fortify the energy and exuberance. The texture is impeccable - its power is undeniable and its balance simply mesmerising. The structure offers an astonishing combination of ripeness, coolness, silky texture and multi-dimensional scale. It is rare to see a single wine capable of carrying all these elements, seemingly contrasting, and carry them with confidence and poise."

£32.95 per bottle
or £151.35 per case of 6 In Bond


Subterra Shiraz 2019

Aged in a single barrel buried under our vines, Subterra is an exceptional and unique Shiraz - a wine truly made in the vineyard.

“At Gemtree, we are custodians of a unique patch of the earth in South Australia's McLaren Vale. We respect it. We farm with care. Our organic and biodynamic philosophies have roots as deep as our vines. It is what is unseen, what lies beneath that makes Gemtree and our wine so unique. Beneath the very vines from which the grapes grew, our finest single barrel of Shiraz rests for eight months. Embraced by the cool, damp soil, protected from the changing seasons, the wine draws a vibrant energy from the earth. Subterra is brooding, earthy. The wine seems to have its own tension built from its time buried underground. Subterra is a rare and unique wine experience. A wine truly made in the vineyard. Continually disrupting our own, and others' conventions, every bottle of Gemtree wine is crafted by this joy and curiosity of winemaking.”

Mike Brown, Winemaker and Proprietor of Gemtree

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The 2019 Subterra began with the careful and considered selection of fruit from our Stage 2 Vineyard. The fruit was handpicked and destemmed on a biodynamic fruit day, before being transferred into the open fermenter as whole berries. Once the tannins were in perfect balance, the skins were hand dug from fermenter to press where only the free run juice was retained. This wine was then transferred into barrel for primary and secondary fermentation.

The finest single barrel from this select parcel was isolated from the batch and coated in a thin layer of bee’s wax to help protect it from the rigours of being buried underground. A wooden chive (traditionally used in old world winemaking) was then inserted into the bung hole to further seal the barrel and protect its precious contents.

The barrel was then returned to the vineyard from which its contents were grown, carefully buried in a two-metre deep hole, where it was covered with earth and left to rest. Over the six months that followed, the wine was deeply connected to its immediate surroundings where it acquired the vibrations and energy from the life forces within the geology where it was buried.

The Subterra Shiraz was unearthed after six months’ confinement. Upon its resurrection, the wine was racked off its lees and decanted straight into bottle, hand corked, sealed with bee’s wax and bottle aged for a further 16 months.

The cool, damp and stable underground environment performs a crucial role in the wine’s flavour and balance. The great cellars of the world are all underground, removed from constant variations in temperature and moisture.

"Subterra is a dark dense and brooding Shiraz layered with rich intensity found in the great wines of the world. Abundant aromas of violets, blueberries, cherries and loamy soils are eager to escape from the glass following the wine’s time in confinement. The palate is seamless, fruit-driven with balanced acidity. There’s a lively energy in the wine that is representative of Subterra’s journey to your table from our vineyard." Mike Brown

Extremely limited and rare release with only 200 bottles available globally. 

We are truly honoured to offer 36 bottles.

99-100 Points - Stuart McCloskey “Great Shiraz weaving its magic with the aid of mother nature and buried under the vines to rest and harmonise before being unveiled to a gobsmacked audience. The bouquet is truly remarkable and as profound as any Aussie Shiraz can get. Wow - Coconut, Chambord liqueur, wild blueberry and cold steel, gallop from the glass – violets, plum and mulberry too. The palate and flavour profiles are something to behold. The fruit and tannins spread across the palate like a peacock unveiling its magnificent tail. This is a serious wine, a wine which should be respected (I confess that I originally scoffed at the notion of storing wine under the earth. How stupid I was). I am not entirely sure what the burying aspect imparts on the wine, but the calmness, composure and balance is so impressive. I love the sweetness to the fruit. I also love the high toned and slightly pithy cranberry element which provides some welcome grip. This is ticking every box on its way to perfection. Decanted for 6 hours and served using Zalto glassware. Drink now to 2050.”

£155.00 per bottle


Tranche II of Gemtree’s Bestseller


Bloodstone Shiraz 2019

Now also available by the case In Bond

Vineyard and parcel selection is a major focus of all Gemtree wines. For Bloodstone Shiraz, Mike selects the sites which display varietal expression, concentration and finesse. Several Shiraz parcels are selected from a range of soil profiles, the majority being sandy, well drained soils which make fragrant, juicy wines. Fermentation occurred naturally in open fermenters and pressing off the skins once the colour, flavour and tannin had been maximised. Ageing occurred in French oak barrels (1-5 year old) ranging in size from puncheons (500L) to barriques (225L) for 10 months. No racking of the wines occurred in this time, so the wine was aged on its lees, allowing sulphur additions to be kept to a minimum and the true character of the wine to blossom.

Mike Brown “Bloodstone is a lifted and aromatic wine with notes of blackcurrant, chocolate (floral notes) and vanilla. The wine is rich and dense with a soft and generous mouthfeel. Well balanced acidity highlights the vibrant, ripe and sweet red and blue fruit flavours.”

96 Points - Stuart McCloskey “How daft of me to sample the most junior wine after the magnificence that is Subterra. Another way of looking at it is – is there breadth and depth to Gemtree’s entire portfolio? In short, the answer is affirmative as this is a joyous beauty strutting with confidence, despite its respectable price tag. The nose offers some warmth from clove and sweet spices. Brooding and actually proving more adult than I expected. The palate is washed with sweet, ripe fruit. Interestingly, this wine lacks the ‘coolness’ of its big brothers, but it misses nothing for it. This is a really joyous slap and tickle of delicious quaffable Shiraz (I have omitted using our Aussie friends’ description, ‘smash-able’). It’s drenched with plums, blueberries, blackberries, mint, vanilla, coconut, kirsch and olive all wrapped in a gentle hug of tannin. The length is super-impressive. In fact (and a little secret) I have a few wines at 25 quid which are not as good! Decant for a few hours and serve using Zalto Bordeaux glassware (this will make all the difference). Drink now to 2025+.”

£18.50 per bottle
or £79.10 per case of 6 In Bond


Gemtree Wines Small Batch Grenache 2019

Previously sold out
Now also available by the case In Bond

97-98 Points - Stuart McCloskey “Unquestionably, the sexiest Grenache bouquet which I have come across for a very long time. The profusion of aromatics is heady, heavenly with a wonderous exotic twist of juniper, mint, clove, raspberry and sweet spice – spiced blood orange with a little more aeration. The floral bouquet is something rather special but difficult to pin down at this stage. As a whole, the bouquet invites you in like a temptress – it’s impossible not to be seduced! The palate is equally alluring with ribbons of sweet, soft fruit which cascade effortlessly and naturally. The tannins are willowy and the acidity juicy. The flavour profile is akin to the bouquet with a little salinity and savouriness in the background. Hands down my favourite Grenache and I am utterly stupid for not buying more – what on earth was I thinking? This is so charming, sexy and really doesn’t require more than an hour in a decanter. It will cellar, but from a point of intrigue alone as this beauty is ripe and ready now. Served using Zalto Bordeaux glassware. Drink now to 2025+”

97-98 Points - Magdalena Sienkiewicz "Very pretty with a deep crimson colour. What stuns the most is the lush and exuberant perfume which is intoxicating, exotic and delightfully sweet. Abundant raspberries, mint, violets, vanilla bean and a touch of spice are incredibly alluring, so much so I would happily wear this perfume. Given the sweetness of its aromatics, the palate is more savoury than expected. Juicy red fruits melt on the palate with a zip of acidity and svelte tannins. The most exciting Aussie Grenache since we discovered JC’s wines. An utter delight filled with energy and charisma. It reveals all its beauty with only 1-2 hours in a decanter and I assure you it will be gone all too quickly."

£30.95 per bottle
or £141.35 per case of 6 In Bond


Save with our 'Gemtree Introductory' case

Mike and Melissa's biodynamic and certified organic wines are powerful, concentrated and beautifully express the true characteristics of each grape variety and region. Team Vinorium have been blown away by the Gemtree range and we are very excited to share them with you all.

This six pack provides the perfect introduction to the Gemtree range with a mix of Shiraz, Marsanne, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and the very special April's Dance Sparkling NV.

£185.00 per 6 bottle case


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