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My experience with Vinorium has been a wonderful voyage of discovery, aided by informative and interesting ‘editorials’ at the weekend.  And certainly, the deciding factor would be your recommendations.  I spent 15 years in Australia in the 70s and 80s so the wine industry has changed enormously with new names and wineries.

I prefer chardonnay, shiraz and pinot noir which very much tallies with you lists.

So, I have nothing but praise for you all, just wish you were nearer Bristol - though I might be a lot poorer!

My only slight gripe is that your shippers insist on repacking the wine so it doesn’t come in its original boxes, except the occasional wooden case.

My favourite at the moment is Suckfizzle - quite delicious.



I have always loved big Australian Red wine.

In the late nineties there was once a high street retailer who, via their Surbiton High Street branch, supplied me with such joyous (and at the time relatively inexpensive) beauties as Hill of Grace, Mount Edelstone, Dead Arm, Shadrach, Meshach and John Riddoch.

Alas, the retailer is long gone and for nearly 20 years I had predominantly acquired great Aussie reds via trips to cellar doors (via a helpful job with a base in Sydney), via Dan Murphy’s and also via a few enlightened UK and Dutch merchants who were able to supply me periodically through the years.

Then, just over three years ago, I came across The Vinorium and my wine life changed forever.


·       I buy and buy and buy again because The Vinorium is authentic from top to bottom and from end to end. I appreciate that The Vinorium is a business, but I have never felt that Stu’s passion to offer great wine has ever been subservient to the profitability of his business

·       I buy and buy and buy again because Stu has built a wonderful team of individuals who are entirely focussed on doing everything they possibly can to deliver a great customer experience from accounts to logistics to web design and everything in between

·       I buy and buy and buy again because The Vinorium never sell a wine or write a review that they don’t believe in 100%

·       I buy and buy and buy again because Stu and Magda continually find and offer new and interesting wines from diverse producers who share their journey in wine via the brilliant weekly update which, unsurprisingly, is my very favourite email of the week.

·       I buy and buy and buy again because I wonder if I would ever have encountered Dan Standish and Kym Teusner without Stu. It’s not as if Standish or Utopos get much of a review or a mention from Halliday and yet they are surely the uncrowned King and Crown Prince of the Barossa which now must be evident to many via global critical acclaim and via feedback from the lucky few who have tasted these astonishing wines.



I don't normally do any customer feedback or social media posting of companies or products unless I feel really strongly and that's exactly the case here, so more than happy to reply.

How do you feel about your customer service experience with The Vinorium?

I have been buying from The Vinorium since 2016 and must have made over 50 orders. In all that time and all those orders, I have never had a single complaint about the service provided. Deliveries have been as advertised and on the odd occasion that there has been an issue (I must add, normally by external factors or my own error) both communication and resolution of the issue by The Vinorium has been first class.

What is the deciding factor when ordering wine from The Vinorium?

I buy a lot of wine from numerous sources and this is driven by a number of factors. The deciding factors for me when ordering from The Vinorium have been the selection of wine on offer as well as the opportunity to discover something new. The majority of times my decision is made by the excellent, accurate descriptions by The Vinorium team, and though I don't always agree with the scores given to certain wines (it is after all a personal judgement), I understand the reasoning behind these and they can't be faulted (in fact, there are numerous wines I rank significantly higher than The Vinorium team).

Do you have a favourite new discovery from The Vinorium?

Definitely, although I don't want to mention my absolute favourite as I don't want this wine to sell out as I have intentions of buying as much of it as I can afford (over time). I will mention a few other must-haves (this list is considerably longer but I have chosen only a few):

·       Number 1 with a bullet is definitely Nocturne Wines - the whole range!

·       We have only tried three of the Utopos range and I can say that this is as good a range of wines as I've been fortunate to try.

·       Other favourites as discovered through The Vinorium: Hardy's HRB Chardonnay: Bay of Fires Chardonnay: Domaine Naturaliste Artus Chardonnay and most recently the Rymill Surveyor, I would also add the Zalto glassware to this list.



How do you feel about your customer service experience with The Vinorium?

Absolutely excellent: quick replies on emails, very helpful in looking for solutions, remarkably honest on bottle quality (a problem with a few old bottles with little signs of seepage was solved before I could have discovered this..)

What is the deciding factor when ordering wine from The Vinorium?

It’s the extremely rare combination of an outstanding range of wines with old and new vintages (Australia being my favourite) in combination with very competitive prices and really interesting background stories in you blogs/emails!

Do you have a favourite new discovery from The Vinorium?

Two actually, ‘oldies’ by vintage but new experiences for me: Colonial estate exile 2005 and Hobbs Gregor shiraz 2004. Unforgettable!!!!!

Only 1 question remains: what will be the consequences for me (in The Netherlands) after Brexit???



The first words that come to mind about customer service at Vinorium are caring and thoughtful.

Opposite to numerous websites, I have always been able to have quick feedback from customer service, usually Shontelle actually ;-) whenever I had a question.

Even during the Covid-19 lockdown, I had someone to contact and, in my understanding, tried her best to find a way from your warehouse to my home in France for the bottles I ordered.

That's the most important point for customer service to me.

Usually, when I decide to order on Vinorium, one of the first things I look at are the exclusivities and the new arrivals.

I am very curious about new wines, from new regions and new producers (mainly in Australia) and Vinorium provides a lot of these, on a regular basis.

Your tasting reviews are also a strong conviction point when I need to choose among the many bottles you propose, combined with the classic experts (Parker, Halliday, WineFront, etc).

So far, I have not been disappointed by any of the bottles I ordered on Vinorium, even if some wines were not what I expected.

They all have an excellent drinkability, on their own or along dishes.

My favourite discoveries are the Flowstone wines, which are all brilliant, with freshness and texture, and a lot of pleasure. Even my wife, who is not a fan of foreign wines, loves them.

I will certainly try their Queen of the Earth Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 with your offer.



I only recently became aware of The Vinorium on a recommendation from an Ozzie friend who uses them to send some special treats to her UK friends, and what a gem it is.

The customer service is very professional and friendly. It's a small company and I love that you get all the benefits that come with that - a family feel about it, genuine passion from those at the top, and a quick response from the same group of people if you have a query about your order. 

You can nominate delivery on a particular day which has been so handy for me (I'm often delaying it by a week to try to get through some old stock before new ones arriving), and I've pre-ordered stock that doesn't arrive for a few months and had good comms about when it is coming (I've often forgotten I ordered it so it's like a nice surprise to myself when it arrives). Every delivery I've had (and there have been many!) has come safe and soundly on the day it should.

The Mystery Case was a lot of fun.

I also LOVE your packaging as it is completely plastic free. 

My only criticism (and it really isn't one..) is that there is always something new and interesting to think about trying every single week, which my liver simply can't keep up with. I really enjoy the weekly reading, but with a 1 yr-old daughter I can never quite finish reading every one every week as they can get a bit lengthy!

I think your pricing is right, but for anyone who won't spend more than £10 a bottle it could be off putting (but I think there are two markets for wine anyway, supermarket deals vs boutique suppliers and your prices are right for the latter).

The deciding factors for ordering from you are - interesting & limited stock wines (knowing more interesting ones will come in too - I really like that your stock turnover & choice is high, in some other boutique wine places new stock comes in and it's ages and ages before anything else is released. I feel like I can look at your page every day and discover something new), small company and good packaging 

My Ozzie friend recommended Pooley to me which is a triumph, and I randomly picked some Two Hands out to try (reminded me of my daughter's hand prints, the only reason). Two Hands has been my favourite new discovery from you guys.



How do you feel about your customer service experience with The Vinorium? 

You could not ask for a better team to help and guide you in your wine choices.  The team’s combined knowledge and enthusiasm in helping the customer to find the right wines is priceless. 

I very much appreciate the personal service; the team understands the wines that suit your palate and offer excellent suggestions to find the perfect wines for all occasions. 

The whole team have always delivered over and above my expectations nothing is too much trouble. The whole experience from choosing the wine to it being delivered very quickly and safely is an absolute pleasure.  

What is the deciding factor when ordering wine from The Vinorium? 

The fact that all the wines sold by the Vinorium have been extensively researched and tasted.  Only the very best quality and value for money wines are offered for sale to their customers. 

Do you have a favourite new discovery from The Vinorium? 

Many! Stand outs are: 

The Standish range especially the Lamella 

Utopos – Cabernet Sauvignon 

Soumah – Upper Ngumby  



I found The Vinorium when I was looking for specific Australian wines, and I am a loyal and frequent customer since. Especially for Aussie wines, the choice at The Vinorium is unparalleled, and moreover, I find the prices very fair and competitive. Cherry on the top is the wonderful, personal customer service – they were always able to help me with me sometimes very special requests.



How do you feel about your customer service experience with The Vinorium?

The entire process of ordering to receiving one’s delivery is seamless and prompt while also living at the opposite end of the country. Unpretentious advice is given if its requested and my perception is that every wine is vetted for quality and value which is reassuring for the consumer. Top marks must also be given for recyclable packaging.  One has a genuine feeling that the team at The Vinorium value each and every customer.

What is the deciding factor when ordering wine from The Vinorium?

The team at The Vinorium convey a sense of passion to every one of their wines which are articulated with wonderful detail in their tasting notes and the fact they share that unbiased information with the consumer which makes ones decision easier and tempting…

Do you have a favourite new discovery from The Vinorium ?

I have known for a long time that Australia produces World Class Shiraz and Cabernet. What I did not realise is how far their white wines have advanced during the same period. There is great diversity to the various regions and it’s no one trick pony. I would go as far as saying I am now more likely than ever to turn to Australia for Chardonnay before Burgundy as it simply offers amazing value and quality and at best truly reaches Grand Cru credentials…



How do you feel about your customer service experience with The Vinorium?

Stu has assembled a crack team, demonstrating his taste for wine is second only to his ability to recognise and nurture talent. Across the board their knowledge, dedication and passion is evident. Always super helpful, knowledgeable and responsive. 

What is the deciding factor when ordering wine from The Vinorium?

Just like children we can’t pick just one! Vinorium has the holy trinity of unparalleled quality, fair pricing and reliability. 

Do you have a favourite new discovery from The Vinorium?

Tough choice!! As a misplaced Australian Two Hands and Greenock Creek weren’t unknowns, but we thoroughly enjoy the new vintages.

We have enjoyed so many different wines and styles. Standish wines have to be included, but Eastern Peake is also up there with our favourites. Very different wines, from classic Barossa Shiraz to refined elegant Chardonnay and rosé. Utopos and Vinden Estate have to make the top 4 as well!!



The Vinorium has a number of points of differentiation from other merchants. A good balance between mature wines and those to keep with a very good QPR. An excellent pipeline of new wines covering multiple grapes and styles. Reliable and descriptive tasting notes - this is very important when introducing wines to a market and is a discipline not universally followed by their competitors. I particularly liked the introduction of short videos from wine makers that were more substantive than just puff pieces. Excellent customer service and order fulfilment - the team is always available and very knowledgeable when talking through wine choices. In sum, I always feel like a client rather than a customer when I am dealing with The Vinorium.



How do you feel about your customer service experience with The Vinorium?

Having ordered wine from at least 10 online retailers, I would say that the customer service experience with The Vinorium is by far the best.  Simply put, they do what they say they’re going to do.  I’ve had a LOT of wine deliveries from them (not sure I should admit that) and not one of them has been late.  Not one.  That, combined with them taking the time to get to know my tastes and make personal recommendations that are spot on, makes The Vinorium the best place to buy wine in the UK.

What is the deciding factor when ordering wine from The Vinorium?

Staff recommendation is the main factor for me.  As they’ve gotten to know what I like, if they recommend it to me, I usually give it a go.

Do you have a favourite new discovery from The Vinorium?




I have been buying wine now from the Vinorium for around three years.

I can only describe the level of service that I have received during that time as impeccable!

The staff are incredibly personable, knowledgeable and helpful. The wine choice is simply outstanding, and the prices incredibly fair!

I have to say that the choice of wine which I purchase is heavy influenced by the reviews that Stu and Magda write each week,  but this is well justified by the deliciousness of the resulting wine that I have consumed.

The Vinorium have a fantastic range of Ozzie wines that cannot be found at any other UK merchants, and the quality is simply outstanding from pretty much every producer that that they deal with.

It is clear that Stu's passion for outstanding wines and the need to share those wines with his customers/friend is second to none!

If you had not already surmised from this brief review..... I simply cannot recommend The Vinorium strongly enough.

If you love fine wine, then you will love the Vinorium!

Ps. I would strongly recommend signing up to the weekly newsletter.  Its great reading! Honest, educational, and really entertaining.  Enough said!