Issue #112, May 2020


The New Collection

Dr Edge is one of the most highly sought-after wine brands in Australia. The cult, domestic following is incredibly strong with his annual release selling-out soon after its launch. So much so, we are the only wine merchant, outside of Australia who has access to his collection…

A young Peter Dredge had a promising sporting career wrecked by a wayward discus that struck him in the head, leaving him deaf in one ear. A substantial period of rehabilitation ensued to regain his balance, but his chosen path was brought to an unforeseen end. Dredgey (as he is often referred as) invested academically in sports science, which was put on hold when he took a gap year job at the Adelaide Hills winery, Petaluma.

With no family background in wine, Dredgey took the job more for the money rather than his appreciation of wine. However, it didn’t take long for him to be bitten by the wine bug whilst under the tutelage of Brian Croser. The year was 1998, and Brian, along with Petaluma winemaker Con Moshos were flying high, producing great wines and developing a special winemaking nursery for some exceptional talent.

Dredgey switched his sports-science degree to winemaking, taking a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Adelaide University. He confessed that his stint in the Adelaide Hills was far from easy and often contemplated pulling the plug, but with respect earned, and the enduring nickname of Dr Edge he overcame the obstacles and his fate was sealed.

In the end, he spent 12 years at Petaluma, before resigning and heading to Tasmania to take up the senior winemaker role for Bay of Fires. This move saw him exposed to the breadth and detail of grape-growing in Tasmania and gaining invaluable local knowledge from two friends of The Vinorium, Paul Lapsley and Ed Carr.  This led to his own project under the Dr Edge label, where he sourced Pinot Noir from the ‘North’ (Tamar Valley), the ‘East’ (East Coast), and the ‘South’ (Derwent Valley). He also makes a fourth Pinot Noir which is a blend of all three single vineyards. The same clone is used, each sub-regional wine is made in the exact same way, but different soils and locations provide their own, unique expressions.


Dredgey voices;  I’m not telling you one is better than the other but the soil type and/or micro-climate is the biggest difference between the three wines, you’ve got gravel soils from Joe Holyman’s vineyard, volcanic from the east coast, and mostly sandy from Meadowbank in the Derwent ValleyThe three Pinots are made exactly the same way, same clone, minimal oak. I’m trying to make a wine that’s as close as I can get to expressing that site."


Dredgey is also the winemaker for another Tassie producer, Meadowbank. He adopts the same, uncluttered approach where oak and winemaking take a back seat. Both labels show immense detail, lithe and complex with his Chardonnays offering cool stone fruit and citrus. His Pinot Noirs are hauntingly fragrant, supple, moreish and seek an intellectual approach. He also produces several Rieslings which talk with a German accent (he spent time working in Germany). Needless to say, quantities are extremely limited with only 50 cases of the Single Vineyard Pinots being produced and circa 300 of the blend. Sadly, we do not receive an allocation of his Riesling…

We, as Dr Edge’s only partner outside of Oz are super-proud to present his 2018 collection, which and for the very first time, includes his full suite of sublime Chardonnays.



Dredgey has kindly provided Vinorium customers with a very special set of prices, which and when one factors in shipping, UK duty & VAT compared to his domestic offering is incredibly generous. All wines are being offered at £30.75 per bottle rather than our usual RRP of £39.95. The only caveat being that you all need to provide a little feedback, as Dredgey is very keen to hear your thoughts…


Dr. Edge makes all his chardonnays the same way, the blend is made to see if the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Fruit is handpicked, whole cluster pressed directly into old French Oak casks. No Fractions. Natural ferment, 9 months on lees. He’s on a bit of a ‘Does New French Oak as a flavour/tannin structure belong in Australian Wines, if we’re talking about vineyard sense of place or Terroir?’ rant at the moment. 25% of the barrels for each wine, including the blends (typically 1 of the 4 barriques per cuvée)  have around 10% by volume whole clusters inserted into the barrels’ juice for ferment, and for the 9 month maturation period. This is for a pinch of flavour and tannin structure derived from the vineyard as opposed to French oak. 

2019 will go into the annals as one of the classic vintages for those unaffected by the bushfires that started mid-summer. Dr Edge was completely unaffected. Although dry, the season was moderate to cool and boasted moderate to low yields and no disease pressure to align with some of the recent classics like 2010, 2012, 2015 and 2017.

If you’re tasting them side by side, the below order is recommended:


2019  Dr Edge ‘South’

 100% Derwent Valley -Single Vineyard - Meadowbank Vineyard

97-98 Points - Stuart McCloskey “The bouquet is penetrating, precise, and certainly descends from a cool, maritime climate. Scents of lemon, mineral, sea spray and jasmine graciously unfurl from the glass. With time, the aromatics intensify and quite considerably (see my footnote regarding temperature and decanting). The palate is incredibly complex, regal and struts its stuff with such confidence, all the while highlighting its self-control. Tightly coiled but balanced perfectly with a satiny stream of citrus and minerals. The saline note on the long finish is lovely. There’s beautiful weight to the wine and it cradles your palate with an admirable suspense. A very, very fine Chardonnay which would benefit from five or so years in the bottle and will fan-out gloriously over a decade or more. Served with Zalto Bordeaux glassware. Do not serve from the fridge. 11-13 degrees being the best temperature. Decant for a wee while as this wine needs a little aeration”.


2019  Dr Edge ‘East’

100% East Coast -Single Vineyard - Hazards Vineyard

97++ - 98 Points - Stuart McCloskey “Like the ‘South’ the bouquet speaks of its birthplace but with a little more concentration. Lemon oil, lemon thyme, licks of wet stone, sea salt and take a walk past Jasmine to really appreciate the floral aromatics. The palate is a touch waxier in style / weightier and offers more immediate enjoyment. That tell-tale salinity is such an attractive quality and works a treat with the fresh zip of citrus, flint and razor-sharp acidity. Extremely elegant and judged perfectly. This is just a beautiful, crystalline Tassie Chardonnay which will be amazing in five or so years. Served with Zalto Bordeaux glassware. Do not serve from the fridge. 11-13 degrees being the best temperature. Decant for a wee while as this wine needs a little aeration”.


2019  Dr Edge ‘North’

100% Tamar Valley -Single Vineyard - Auburn Rd Vineyard

98 Points - Stuart McCloskey  "The most floral bouquet of the three, with buttered citrus and fresh vanilla seeds drifting from the glass. Still, and not to bore, lemons, minerals and salinity are also present.. The palate offers an intense experience and not necessarily through flavour as the vitality and tension offers a wonderful shrill of excitement. The balance is exquisite and, given its age, it is difficult to pin-down exact flavours save for a little crisp, green apple. So much energy and tightly coiled like a piston waiting to explode. Minerals and citrus contrast with a marine-influenced finish which I love. Truly outstanding and will be hitting its stride in five or so years. Potentially perfect in ten. Served with Zalto Bordeaux glassware. Do not serve from the fridge. 11-13 degrees being the best temperature. Decant for a wee while as this wine needs a little aeration”.

* My scores are conservative as I feel the entire collection requires a little bottle age and some much-needed R&R (after their long trip) before evaluating fully. I look forward to returning later this year / early 2021.


2019  Dr Edge Tasmania Chardonnay

60% Derwent Valley 30% Tamar Valley 10% East Coast

Now it’s your turn.

We would love to hear your views on the Tasmanian Pinot & Chardonnay

Sample, enjoy and send your tasting note to our team at

Dr.Edge 2019 Chardonnay 4 Pack

Contains 1 of each chardonnay

RRP £159.80
Special Price £123.00 per 4 pack


All Single Vineyard Pinot Noirs from Dr. Edge are made the same way and are all Dijon 777 clone (light and ethereal clone in Tasmania).  The blend is made to see if the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The Blend utilises all manner of clones and techniques and is the house style or flagship wine.

All-natural ferment, roughly 1/3rd whole berry, 1/3rd whole clusters and 1/3rd carbonic maceration. All are averaging 12 days on skins and pressed while still fermenting. They finish up the ferment in old French oak casks.  9 months on lees and racked to bottle in January 2019.

2018 was an easy vintage for all styles, from sparkling to some of the newly planted Syrah vineyards in Tasmania. It was a little warmer and a little earlier but with no extremes in weather it made for a seamless path to the winery with little to no disease pressure. 

If you’re tasting them side by side, the below order is recommended.


2018  Dr Edge ’South’

100% Derwent Valley -Single Vineyard - Meadowbank

97++ Points - Stuart McCloskey "The bouquet invites you in with a serene welcoming, coming from delicate scents of raspberries, pomegranate and rose petals with a lifted spritz of orange rind which I like very much. The most classical of the four wines, and of course, youthful. The tannins are a whisper and offer no intrusion to the delicate fruit. Incredibly fine, lithe and full of wonderful freshness. The hallmark of this wine is its structural finesse which is simply exquisite. Built for the mid-term and does require a few years of bottle age (for maximum enjoyment). Served with Zalto Burgundy glassware


2018  Dr Edge ‘East’

100% East Coast -Single Vineyard - Hazards Vineyard

97+ Stuart McCloskey "Pungent aromatics soar from the glass ranging from sweet, ripe cherries, kirsch, spiced plum, rhubarb, orange rind and a little warmth from cinnamon bark. Medium-bodied, full of life but delicately played which is charming. The wine plays a lovely orchestra of elegance, poise and purity. The fruit component is ripe and wrapped in a cloak of silken textured tannins. The length is highly impressive and will offer beautiful drinking for years to come. My advice is to hide a case for 3-5 years and return to something special. Trust me, your patience will be richly rewarded. Served with Zalto Burgundy glassware."


2018  Dr Edge ‘North’

100% Tamar Valley -Single Vineyard - Stoney Rise Vineyard

97+ Points - Stuart McCloskey "North is a thought-provoking mix of East and South – The nose is brooding and offers hints of ‘East’s’ richness whilst being restrained by the classicism from the ‘South.’ Wild dark berries dominate the bouquet along with lifted, floral aromatics and that tell-tale twist of orange peel. Perfectly balanced with filigree tannin, a partnership that is utterly captivating and typifies Peter’s ‘allow nature to make your wine’ attitude. There’s a touch more puppy-fat compared to the other two sites however, everything is woven together with perfection, which and for those who have a little patience, will be rewarded handsomely in five or so years. The finish is sweet and a touch creamy. The length epic. Served with Zalto Burgundy glassware."

* My scores are conservative as I feel the entire collection requires a little bottle age and some much-needed R&R (after their long trip) before evaluating fully. I look forward to returning later this year / early 2021.


2018 Dr Edge Tasmania Pinot Noir

60% Derwent Valley 30% East Coast 10% Tamar Valley

Dr.Edge 2018 Pinot Noir 4 Pack

Contains 1 of each pinot noir



"Each sub-regional wine is made in the exact same way, but different soils and locations provide their own, unique expressions."


Dr.Edge Pinot Noir & Chardonnay 8 Pack

1 x 'Tasmania' Chardonnay 2019
1 x 'Tasmania' Pinot Noir 2018

1 x  'North' Chardonnay 2019
1 x 'North' Pinot Noir 2018

1 x 'East' Chardonnay 2019
1 x 'East' Pinot Noir 2018

1 x 'South' Chardonnay 2019
1 x 'South' Pinot Noir 2018



A blend of all three single vineyards:
Derwent Valley, ​East Coast and Tamar Valley


Dr. Edge Pinot Noir &
 'Tasmania' 2 Pack

RRP £79.90
Special Price £61.50 per 2 pack


Dr. Edge 'Tasmania' Pinot Noir 2018

RRP £39.95
Special Price £30.75 per bottle


100% Tamar Valley
Single Vineyard - Stoney Rise Vineyard

Maritime influences from the Bass Strait are very important to the growing conditions here. Prevailing winds from continental Australia are cooled as they head over the strait, and when they arrive in the vineyards they bring refreshment to the sun-warmed vineyards. This moderated climate means that there is a long, slow growing season, which is excellent for the development of acidity in the grapes, balancing out the fruit complexity and making for fresh, taut wines with good longevity.

Dr. Edge Pinot Noir /
 'North' 2 Pack




100% East Coast
Single Vineyard - Hazards Vineyard

Dr. Edge Pinot Noir /
 'East' 2 Pack




100% Derwent Valley
Single Vineyard  - Meadowbank

Derwent Valley has a similar cool climate to the rest of Tasmania, very much under the maritime influence of the Tasman Sea. Mountains to the west offer protection from the prevailing westerly weather systems, leaving Derwent River Valley a calm, sunny area with cooler evenings.

Dr. Edge Pinot Noir /
 'South' 2 Pack




The 2017 Collection


Dr. Edge 'Tasmanian' Pinot Noir 2017

97 Points - James Halliday "MV6, 777 and 115 clones, 60% from the Derwent Valley, 30% East Coast and 10% Tamar Valley. The bouquet is multifaceted, with no single message from the single vineyard group, the palate moving onto another tier, but carries with it the higher-toned red fruits of clone 115 (compared to MV6 last year). It also achieves a lightness of touch without any sacrifice of line or length. This is the serious business of enjoyment, not the science of dissecting small pieces of a large puzzle."

Was £39.95
Now £30.75 per bottle


Dr. Edge 'North' Pinot Noir 2017

96+ Points - Gary Walsh (The Wine Front) "It’s a Big Day in the North. Woah. Pow pow powerful, yet light too. Dark cherries, damp earth, spice, maybe some cheeky violet, but a brooding kind of ‘minerality’ throughout. Tannin is firm, a long emery rasp through the palate, pure acidity, perfume, earth and grip on a long finish. There’s some meatiness and smoky reductive stuff here, for sure, but the fruit and vineyard shines through. I’m all about this. Wonderful."



Dr. Edge 'East' Pinot Noir 2017

96 Points - James Halliday "The Dr Edge Pinots are part of a voyage of discovery, so it is that the East, North and South are all clone 115 (the ‘16s were MV6), and all have identical vinification: half whole-bunch carbonic maceration, half whole berries, once wild fermentation begins, 80% of the bunches are destemmed on top with 20% remaining as whole bunches, matured in French barriques (10% new) for 9 months. Fragrant, with more red fruits, long and silky; reflects the clonal change, driven by the very cool vintage, the tannin sotto voce."



Dr Edge 'South' Pinot Noir 2017

95+ Points - Gary Walsh (The Wine Front) "Fine perfume, pretty and floral, strawberries dusted with pepper and spice, smoky autumn leaves and walks in the park. It’s delicate, rose petals over strawberry, cool bell-clear acidity, a playful rasp of tannin, and a spicy strawberry finish of impeccable length. Lacy, delicate wine. Diaphanous and thoroughly charming. Oh yes."



The Vinorium Profit Share II

We unveil the opportunity for customers to share our success and to also enjoy a share of our profits.


How the Profit Share Plan Works:

•  You invest a minimum of £5,000 to a maximum of £100,000.

•  The Investment Return: We offer 10% against your original capital outlay.

•  Investment Period: Eighteen Months. You will automatically receive
your original capital outlay along with the 10% return.

•  There are no management, storage or any other charges levied against your investment  

There are questions which understandably require answers. How will your money be invested and how can The Vinorium guarantee such an attractive return given our market conditions?

Your investment will be used wisely, to increase our portfolio of exclusivities along with a substantial increase in our stock holding, which currently stands at £2.5 million and is completely funded by The Vinorium with no borrowings, debts, loans or the use of an overdraft facility. In short, your investment will be allocated to purchasing wine and nothing else. In return for your investment, we will simply share the profits (in this case 10%) of our sales. It’s an attractive proposition for investors but and for a point of reassurance, a figure we are more than comfortable with. As per last year, we have a low ceiling on Tranche II which will not be exceeded.


Q: How do I apply to join The Vinorium Profit Share?
Simply, email the team directly and they will liaise and send the application

Contact the team

Q: Are you offering the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) or Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)?

A: No, as and after much research, we have decided that both schemes (although with benefits for the investor and the business) are either a little convoluted or restrictive.

 Q: What are the risks of The Vinorium becoming insolvent?
 A perfectly acceptable question during these difficult times. However, and in short, there is no identifiable risk of The Vinorium entering insolvency as our financials are incredibly strong which I have highlighted throughout my article.

Q. Is my money seen as a loan agreement or am I physically purchasing wines?
 Funds will be used to enhance our overall stock position with existing and new, exclusive wine producers. As such, this is not a loan agreement as we are physically off-setting client investments with stock.

Q. Where would investors rank against other creditors (if there are any)?
 Save for the Wine Society, we believe The Vinorium is unique in the way in which we operate. We operate with a zero-debt policy, no overdraft, no loans and pay all our wine makers 100% in advance of shipping. Our bank, HSBC has a charge over our land purchase (see our new HQ), but and following full planning consent for our development, the land value has trebled.

Q. Will you be offering any special incentives to investors?
A: Investors will receive special offers, first refusal on short-term investment opportunities and complimentary passes to some tastings. The real benefit lies with a 10% gain in 18 months, which for us, is attractive enough.

Q: I have more questions. Who can I contact?
Please contact Stuart directly either by email or telephone

T: +44 (0) 1622 859 161


Western Australia's
Greatest Vintage Ever?

Nick Stock is one of Australia's most respected wine critics. Nick has a frank and fearless style, which has made him one of the most popular and widely read Australian wine writers. For the past few years, James Suckling has utilised his services and published a string of detailed reports including a combined ‘real Aussie wine’ report and 2,700 tasting notes. This week, Nick released (published on 500 tasting notes and a report focusing on the 2018 vintage from Western Australia.  Nick believes that 2018 could be the greatest vintage ever, reinforced with words from Vasse Felix Chief Winemaker Virginia Willcock who declares the 2018 as a

stunning year for both reds and whites, the best I’ve seen in last 12 or so years” and Vanya Cullen, the owner of Cullen Wines states  “The 2018 growing season was just beautiful. Everything happened in rhythm, at the right time, and the wines have such intensity.”

Nick goes on and pens

The Western Australian wine scene continues to power along strongly, helped by the turbo-charged impact of the 2018 harvest, which delivered such impressive stylish and deep wines across much of the state. The 2018 vintage is one to celebrate and collect as wines come out on the market.

He continues;

The 2018 vintage is without question one of the best and most classically styled vintages ever recorded in Margaret River and across greater Western Australia. It delivers tautly composed, powerful and refined structure in whites and reds. Both will be long-lived wines. The cabernet sauvignons are likely to peak in more than 20 years. But this is not to say the 2018 wines aren’t destined to deliver much pleasure in the interim. On the contrary, they will unfurl in layers over time and they are complex in their youth, to the point of being cryptic. Cullen made the comparison to the great 2001. The 2010 vintage certainly had the same double edge of power and freshness too, but 2018 will outdo both 2010 and 2001 in time.

The full report can be found on
you will need to subscribe

We’ve picked out a few of our favourites which have done rather well


2017 Deep Woods Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon


Royal Sydney Wine Show 2019 Gold Medal & 1 Trophy
- Best Cabernet Sauvignon

98 Points, Nick Stock "This has very attractive aromas of dried wild flowers and cedar with mint, bay leaf, sage and a base of redcurrants, red berries, plums and cherries. Some gently savory and flinty, gravely notes, too. The palate offers a very detailed and elegantly powerful brand of layered tannin that carries intense blueberry, cherry and blackcurrant flavors, in a shroud of oak spice. So much to come here. Try from 2023 and a decade after that. Screw cap."

Was £48.55
Now £43.50 per bottle


2018 Deep Woods Reserve Chardonnay

97 Points, Nick Stock "There’s a lot to like here with such complex, grilled-peach and lemon aromas, as well as grapefruit and deeply integrated oak. The palate has such thrilling, sinewy, concentrated fruit that has been massaged into athletic form. Long grapefruit and grilled lemons with nectarines and toasted hazelnuts to close. Superbly curated chardonnay with such high-quality fruit. Drink or hold. Screw cap."



2018 Nocturne Single Vineyard Chardonnay

96 Points, Nick Stock "A wild, gunflinty nose with abundant, reductive complexity, giving way to ripe peaches and yellow grapefruit with guava notes and deeply integrated, fresh French oak. The palate exudes a creamy glow with smooth, peach and lemon-custard flavors, as well as a succulent, juicy and enlivened run to the richly fruited finish. There’s so much going on here. I’d give it a year or two. It’s well worth the wait. Try from 2022."

£167.70 per case of 6


2018 Stella Bella Suckfizzle Chardonnay

96 Points, Nick Stock "This has a slightly reductive edge to the nose with sliced-lemon, grilled-almond and peach character. Really fresh and pristine. The palate has a very impressive, concentrated feel with nectarines, peaches and citrus fruit. So pure and long. Drink now. Screw cap."

£32.95 per bottle


2018 Nocturne Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

95 Points, Nick Stock "Essence-like cabernet that makes a strikingly pure impression from the get-go. This has a dark-cherry, blackcurrant and blackberry nose with a full array of deeply infused roasting herbs. Leafy notes, too. The aromas fold into each other seductively. The palate has such plumpness with well-proportioned tannins. The rich, black and blue-fruit flavor is delivered in ripe, velvety mode. Crunchy, decisive finish. It gives so much now and offers plenty more. Drink or hold. Screw cap."

£167.70 per case of 6


Brand New Mixed Cases

Including Two Mystery Packs


Wine is a sociable marvel. Not only the act of sharing it, but also the leisure of visiting your local wine specialist, where vinous experiences can be exchanged. Many customers appreciate a healthy measure of helpful advice which assists with navigating through the numerous shelves and bins - an experience often missing in some larger stores. We recognise that purchasing wines online may offer a limited experience however, we try our hardest to ensure you receive as much wine TLC as you would in-store.

We believe The Vinorium is more than a website. Behind every wine there is a story of passion and determination which we know inside-out. And behind the screen there are obsessive individuals ready to assist with your journey through our world of wine. Whether you prefer to read our weekly e-magazine, scan our web pages for new, daily updates or chat to us via phone or email, we are always on hand.

Today, and offering a little inspiration, I introduce a few new collections arranged in convenient mixed cases, including Stu’s own top picks and two mystery cases for those who dare to discover the diversity of Australian wine.

Stu's Top Picks

6 Pack

If you are searching for wines which are nothing short of exceptional, then look no further. We asked Stu to select six spectacular wines, which will deliver a true vinous nirvana. Stu sighed deeply over such strict quantitative limitation however, it is clear he chose some absolute show-stoppers.


98-100 Points1 x Standish Lamella 2017
97+-98+ Points1 x Soumah Equilibrio Chardonay 2017
97-98 Points1 x Joshua Cooper Old Port Righ Chardonnay 2018
97 Points1 x Hoddles Creek Syberia Chardonnay 2017
97 Points - 1 x Eastern Peake Pinot Taché 2018


99 Points &  Only available in this special case


99 Points 1 x Eastern Peake Pinot Noir Reserve 2001 - NEW
“It’s truly fascinating to see how the wine’s bouquet develops with aeration and is cleary blessed with heavenly aromas ranging from black fruits, kirsch, plum, prune, intoxicating rose petal to sous bois and cedar. The aromas do not tire which is astonishing for an Aussie Pinot Noir of this age. With time, woodsmoke and smoked meats take over from the fruits. The palate is equally captivating and offers a truly sensuous experience. The balance is judged to perfection, the weight is opulent and caresses with consummate ease. There’s a core of sweet fruit which is surrounded by woodsmoke, soy and game. To be candid, one of the greatest Aussie Pinot Noirs I have ever had the pleasure to sample. Utterly breath-taking. Sampled using Zalto Burgundy Glassware.”

Full Value £257.25
Offer Price £235.00

Only 5 cases available


Vinden Estate

Shiraz 3 Pack

Angus Vinden’s wines are nothing short of a revelation. We fully agree with our customers who tip his Single Block Chardonnays 73 and 89 as one of the biggest discoveries of the year so far. Vinden Wines manifest the greatness of Hunter Valley wines, for which Angus is a great ambassador of. Time to discover a set of his brilliant Shiraz wines.

Vinden Estate Headcase Single Barrel Shiraz #3 2018
97 Points – The Real Review “Just a stunning Hunter Shiraz”

Vinden Estate Headcase Single Barrel Shiraz #3 2018
96 points - Stuart McCloskey “There’s heaps to like about this wine as it’s so accessible, flavoursome and friendly.”

Vinden Estate Fountainhead Shiraz 2018
97+ Points - Stuart McCloskey “Medium-bodied, layered, elegant and immensely appealing.”

Full Value £86.85
Offer Price £77.95


Shiraz Lovers

3 Pack

Responding to the positive feedback our customers express over wines from Grant Burge, Hardy’s and Colonial Estate, here’s a 3-bottle case which delivers much pleasure to Shiraz afficionados.

Hardy’s Heritage Bin Reserve ‘HRB’ Shiraz 2013
An utterly compelling blend of McLaren Vale, Clare Valley and Frankland River Shiraz.

Grant Burge Balthasar Shiraz 2014
A highly expressive Shiraz with rich fruit and chocolate flavours balanced by long silky tannins, all indicative of the cooler climate conditions in Eden Valley.

Colonial Estate Émigré 2006
Impressive magnitude build in a compelling blend of six varieties - Shiraz, Grenache, Mourvedre, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, and Muscadelle.

Full Value £64.40
Offer Price £59.95


Pegasus Bay

3 Pack

Pegasus Bay wines offer incredible quality worth at least double of their respective price tag. Each of the three stunning wines featured previously as our Wine of the Week.

Riesling 2009
98+ Points - Stuart McCloskey “This is one of those rare wines which provides as much olfactory pleasure as does the taste itself – quite magical”

Chardonnay 2017
97+ Points - Stuart McCloskey “Flamboyant, generous and thoroughly moreish. The value is off the charts.”

Pinot Noir 2016
97+ Points - Stuart McCloskey “The palate is ample and full of character. Just a joy to drink, wonderful.”

Offer Price £79.40


Mystery Cases

Our mystery cases focus on showcasing a varied palette of styles which theAustralian wine scene brilliantly exhibits today. Expect a great journey through different regions, varieties and flavours, with each bottle carrying bags of vinous pleasure. With the total retail value of each mystery case at over £105.00, they are great bargain too. Bon voyage!

Aussie Reds 6 Pack

Full Value £111.10
Offer Price £97.95

Aussie Whites 6 Pack

Full Value £106.10
Offer Price £92.95


How are The Vinorium
handling Coronavirus?

It is difficult to communicate how the Coronavirus has affected the wine industry as the cost of human life is far more important. Our PM said “You should avoid pubs, clubs, theatres and other such social venues” which is super-tough for many of our friends in the trade. But we all understand the need for social isolation no matter what the financial costs.

The hygiene standard of my HQ is always exemplary as I cannot bear mess of any kind – Those who have visited us will attest to the spotless environment in which we work. In terms of placing special measures with regards to washing one’s hands and as perfectly put by one of my team members, Natalie “has the world only just realised how to wash their hands post a trip to the loo or after handling anything which could be contaminated with germs.” The Vinorium is a female dominated workforce and they are always obsessed with cleanliness. As such, that could teach Public Health England a few things!

In an attempt to keep the outside world out, I have taken the decision to close our HQ shop. We are happy to prepare collections (from your reserves) but cups of tea and chats are sadly no longer possible. As much as humanly possible, The Vinorium can offer an uninterrupted service if my team and I do not contract the virus. If, one of my team falls victim, The Vinorium will close for a period of 7-14 days which I am keen to avoid. 

Currently, our preferred UK couriers, DHL & LCB are fully operational which means you can order whatever you wish. However, we are currently unable to deliver to any overseas addresses as our preferred carriers cannot offer these services.  We are happy to offer free storage of any orders to ship overseas and we will arrange the deliveries as soon as the services are resumed.

The Vinorium is primarily an ecommerce business which certainly has its benefits. As such, it is business as usual, but my team and I wish to remain respectful. Please contact us if you prefer not to receive news and offers during these incredibly worrying times.

These are unprecedented times for us all, and I thank you all for your continued and loyal support. Of course, I will be in touch with any updates as the situation unfolds.

My very best wishes to you all,


Will Coronavirus
affect my delivery?

Our preferred UK delivery partner, DHL (UK Mail) have put into place procedures that allow our customers to receive parcels safely, without any need for contact. DHL have stated that their new service ’Accepted at Delivery Point’ is now available. They add “Our driver will knock the door and step away to a safe distance.  If a consumer does not wish to sign, the driver will ask for their name and take a photo of the premises.”  There are already options on our Vinorium site at checkout to note a ‘leave safe’ delivery instruction, we encourage all of you to use this option where possible.

To answer ‘can the virus be transmitted through parcels?’ WHO, Robert Koch Institute has done this succinctly; “There is currently no evidence that an infection with any type of Coronavirus is possible through contact with objects or packages, including those arriving from areas where cases have been reported.”  

Deliveries outside of the UK

Previously, we updated you on European deliveries (via Parcelforce).  This list is currently growing by the day. We therefore recommend you check your country delivery service update here  Of course, please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about delivery to your country with Parcelforce.